The time has come. After four years I flew my last flight in Arnhemland and it was my last flight in Australia for a long time, if not forever.
Strange feeling. It was foreseeable that this day will come but the day approached faster than expected.

However, I enjoyed the day and tried to absorb all the impressions. It was beautiful weather, with the clouds just at the right altitude to not to get in the way of a relaxed flight. The very last flight was a pickup of passengers in GanGan back to Gove. Funny, because my very first flight was to GanGan as well… Therefore two pictures. First and last flight, find the differences … ;-).

In addition, I flew special passengers on this last day: a client and a former colleague of Daniela. And both asked me about Daniela. It seems that she left a long lasting impression in Arnhemland. Beautiful and a pity at the same time. I am very proud of Daniela!

Interestingly, in the last few days, I have beaten two records I worked on the last two years:
10 flights in one day (5x Bremer Island and back) and the most flight hours in one month.

Now I say goodbye to the last radio message in Australia:

“Gove Traffic, Lima-Hotel-Victor, clear of runway, Gove”.